Through partnerships with IEC Infrared Systems LLC and Precision Remotes, LLC, OMNITRU offers The Dragon Escalation of Force (EOF) an advanced remotely operated protective system that allows for superior situational awareness even in the most hostile environments. This system combines surveillance with both non-lethal and lethal threat reduction, and employs a stabilized electro-optics aiming system remotely operated with a hand-held controller and LCD viewing screen, allowing operators to stay out of harms way while accurately targeting and defeating potential threats. The Dragon EOF is an ultra light, comes mounted or dismounted, and can accommodate various weapons, making it easily interchangeable across numerous platforms. Its versatility and ability to integrate with various cameras and sensors make The Dragon EOF one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for increasing facility, vehicle, and personnel security. The Dragon EOF offers unmatched surveillance and defense power in any setting and has proven extremely successful in combat environments and field operations.
  • 360º Panoramic Image Creation for Point & Click Go-To Camera and Weapon Positioning
  • Embedded EO/IR Video for both Surveillance and Weapon Systems
  • Geo-Referenced Map Displaying Geo-Located Targets
  • Slew to Cue to Peripheral Alarms
  • Integrates with Multiple Ground Radars, UGS andCBRNE Sensors
  • IntrudIR Alert® Single Soldier Operation C2 Interface
  • Integrated with Precision Remotes ROWS, LRAD, Laser Dazzler, Grenade Launcher and 12M candle Power White Spot Light


Search and See all Threats

  • IEC Thermal/visual payload with multiple EO/IR configurations and laser range finder, for accurate targeting in all weather
  • Cameras are separate from gun system, allowing independent target surveillance
  • LRU approach: all payloads can be taken off, swapped out with no tools
  • Sensor configurations:
    • 640x480 uncooled VOx thermal array
    • 640x512 cooled InSb thermal array
    • Thermal Optics from 15mm/100mm to 200mm/1200mm continuous zoom
    • Visual Optics from 3.4mm/122mm to 16.7/2000mm continuous zoom


To Intelligently Identify and Track Intruders

  • Middleware: IEC Intruder Alert®
  • Gives easy ‘point-to-click’ user interface, using panoramic image to provide visual go-to reference
  • Slew to cue target on contact
  • All systems controlled from one interface, by one user
  • Can be integrated with other sensors (UGS, Ground Surveillance Radars, CBRNE)
    • Can communicate with other C2 (Command & Control) platforms
  • System covers all tactical aspects: all-weather target


EOF Modular full range of Escalation of Force

  • Maxbeam 12M cp Ultra Bright Spot Light – To Illuminate
  • LRAD 300 X, Long Range Acoustical Device – To Warn


  • Laser Dazzler – Beam to Temporarily Disorient Intruder
  • CTS Venom V1040 Grenade Launcher – 38/44/66mm, Smoke, Gas, Extended Range Warning Flash-Bang, Multi-4 Flash-Bang, Launcher is Independent and can be targeted separately. – To Warn
  • Lethal Grenade Munitions – To Disable
  • PRL T360 ROWS –Fully Stabilized Remotely Operated Weapon Station with 7.62 x 51 mm M240 Bravo Machine Gun –To Mitigate the Threat

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