OMNITRU has partnered with Raven Aerostar to deliver turnkey tethered aerostat based solutions for a wide range of applications at land, sea and air. Tethered Aerostat provide a static over-watch and persistent surveillance that can be tailored based on the threats. Tethered Aerostat are an ideal platform to conduct a wide variety of communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions including disaster recovery & response, critical infrastructure protection, border security, and event management. 


The Raven Aerostar TIF-25K™ Tethered Aerostat System is a versatile, value-driven turn-key, rapid deployment, tethered aerostat system for persistent surveillance solutions and aerial communication relays. The TIF-25K™ provides an aerodynamically stable, reliable, cost-effective aerial platform.

The standard system configuration will fly user payloads weighing up to 420 pounds to 2,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) on a standard atmospheric day. Flight altitudes up to 3,000 feet can be accommodated with the standard system configuration.

The TIF-25K™ can be deployed and operational within a few hours of arrival on site, ready for communications, intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance (CISR) activities.

The electro-optical tether line allows the user to concentrate only on the type of payload to fly instead of power and payload control needs.

The Mobile Mooring Platform (MMP) used can accomodate a 17K™ through a 25K™ envelope. This allows for ultimate flexibilty in accomplishing various missions.

All of Aerostar's turn-key aerostat systems utilize our proprietary Integrated Telemetry System™ (ITS™), which allows for instantaneous monitoring of the aerostat and all systems as well as the wind direction, speed, GPS location and temperature.


  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Interchangeability of payloads: sensors, radars, communications repeaters, atmospheric testing sensors, arrays, monitoring devices, AIS repeaters
  • Only two to three operators required during launch and recovery due to ease of operations and four to five operators for initial set-up


  • Volume: 25,000 cubic feet

  • Length: 76'

  • Diameter: 25'

  • User Payload Capacity at 2000’ AGL: 468 lbs

  • User Payload Capacity at 3000' AGL: 302 lbs

  • Maximum Flight Altitude: 3,000'


The Raven Aerostar TIF-40K Tethered Aerostat System provides valuable intelligence and situational awareness through its valuable payload capacity and durability. Integrated with mission specific payloads, this technology can be used to detect, process and comprehend critical elements of information, essential to your mission.

The TIF-40K offers superior operational capabilities capable of conducting ground, air and maritime surveillance and can be deployed between 2 and 4 weeks before needing to retrieve the system for routine maintenance. The Mobile Mooring Platform can accommodate various sized envelopes, including a TIF-17K, TIF-25K and TIF-40K. This offers great versatility to your specific mission.


  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Interchangeability of payloads: sensors, radars, communications repeaters, atmospheric testing sensors, arrays, monitoring devices, AIS repeaters
  • Easy to operate and maintain under adverse weather conditions


  • Volume: 40,000 cubic feet
Length: 92'L
Diameter: 31'D

  • User Payload Capacity: 630lbs from Mean Sea Level on a Standard Atmospheric Day

  • Maximum Flight Altitude: 4000’ AGL


The Raven Aerostar TIF-75K™ has the capability to lift heavy payloads up to 5000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL), providing visual data, communications and radar data to the user. The TIF-75K™ is the mid-size aerostat to attain a 5,000 foot AGL while providing power and fiber optic communications through the tether line. The mooring platform which accommodates the TIF-75K™ will also accommodate an envelope as small as a TIF-56K™.


  • Volume: 75,000 cubic feet

  • Length: 119'
Diameter: 39'

  • User Payload Capacity at 3000’ AGL: 1,530lbs

  • Maximum Flight Altitude: 5,000’ AGL

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