The Deployable Data Center (DDC) comes equipped with 24 BioDigital Server docking stations along with the hubs to form a cohesive network between a scalable server cluster. The DDC can be scaled from one server to 24 complete servers by simply plugging in more BioDigital Servers. This means that you can accommodate ever changing requirements in the field with a minimum of physical storage. Add a node to the server cluster by simply plugging in a BioDigital Server, which is the size of a credit card, configuring it o your network parameters and allowing it into the network. The DDC allows for hot plugging and removing BioDigital Server Cards for quick scaling. When completely scaled out the DDC will allow for 24 BioDigital Server Cards containing 48 CPU cores, 96GB DDR3 RAM and 3.072TB of Ultra-Fast SSD. The internal battery will give you 4 hours of scaled out server uptime and nearly a week of minimal server usage.
  • Size: 19.79” Length, 15.77” Width, 7.41” Depth
  • Weight: Approximately 31lbs with 4 batteries and 24 BioDigitalPCs
  • Power:
    • DC- 12-32 VDC
    • AC-85-265 VAC, 46-63 Hz
  • System Includes:
    • Up to 24 BioDigitalPC Server Cards
    • 48-96 CPU cores 96 CPU threads
    • 96-192GB DDR3 RAM and 3.072TB
    • 4 hours of scaled out server uptime
  • Military Battery UPS System: NSN: 6140-01-553-3527Consists of 4 each  Military approved  UBI 2590 lithium rechargeable batteries for 12-36 volts DC operation and charging. With full LCD displays and charging status lights.
  • Energy: 207Wh each battery
  • Approved for Class 9 International transportation

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